Judging Criteria

    Judging Criteria

    PRSA Colorado Gold Pick Awards

    Explanation of Judging Process:

    While judging each Gold Pick entry, please keep in mind that the Colorado Gold Pick awards focus on recognizing excellence in public relations, and are therefore not limited to one winner in each category.

    The judging scale for Campaigns and Components is based on a 40-point scoring scale, with points given to four categories in campaigns: research, planning, execution and evaluation; and four categories in components: planning/content, creativity/quality, technical excellence and results.

    Component Media Relations entries do not require a Technical Excellence criterion for judging. Total scores for award designation should be based upon a total point count of 25, noted on the score sheets provided.

    Judges should be seasoned public relations and marketing professionals, with four years or more of practice and/or their APR. Three judges, at least one with 10 years or more of practice or an APR designation, must judge each entry. Professionals with a wealth of experience in specific category topics should judge entries in that category. Conversely, judges who have little experience in an entry’s category topic should instead seek out submissions that reflect their area of expertise.

    Please read the entry in its entirety before assigning a score to each of the categories listed below, keeping in mind the criteria provided below in addition to the questions listed on the judging score sheet. After reading the entry, assign a score in each of the four categories per entry; then total the scores to come up with a final number for the total score.

    While multiple awards will win a Gold or Silver Pick in a given category, our Grand Gold Pick award annually goes to the “best in show” campaign entry that receives the highest overall score.  If you believe the entry to be deserving of consideration for this award, please mark “yes” where indicated at the bottom of the judging sheet. 

    Thanks again for your time and invaluable assistance!