Diversity & Inclusion

    Working Toward a More Diverse Profession

    While the practice of public relations in the United States has undergone dramatic changes, a lack of diversity in communication management positions persists. Many studies indicate that the industry still struggles to attract young Black, Asian and Hispanic professionals to pursue public relations as their career of choice.

    The PRSA Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee is committed to building consciousness by increasing visibility of D&I standards, resources and best practices for racial, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation and gender differences, as well as diverse skill sets, mindsets and cultures at all levels of the organization.

    The D&I Committee commends PR firms and organizations that have established more diverse workplace environments, and those that established management programs to help minority groups and LGBT practitioners move up the corporate ladder.

    Also, the D&I Committee works closely with the PRSA Foundation, which helps drive diversity within the industry of public relations by funding numerous research initiatives from underserved populations, PR firms and employees.