Become an APR

    Become an APR

    APR Tips Sheet

    Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) represents a significant professional development and career growth opportunity for PR practitioners. The Colorado Chapter of PRSA is committed to helping you achieve your APR. Below is a brief outline of steps that can help you on your journey.

    Steps to APR Success

    1.       Notify Stacee Martin, APR committee chair ([email protected]), that you are ready to pursue accreditation. Be prepared to discuss your interest and ask questions.


    2.       Apply. Review, complete and mail the Application Form to the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB). The form explains the process, the qualifications needed, the cost and the timing involved. Once your application is approved, you’ll be notified by the UAB that you have one year to complete the required Readiness Review and take the Computer-based Examination.


    3.       Begin studying for the Computer-based Examination.  The exam is the final step in the process, but you should begin studying right away. There is an online study course available for a fee or you can study on your own. PRSA has put together a recommended list of textbooks to help you prepare. Also, the APR Study Guide is an indispensable study tool.


    4.       Prepare for the Panel PresentationThe Panel Presentation will evaluate twelve KSAs that are not able to be evaluated on a computer-based exam. These include:

    1. Creative conceptualization/creativity

    2. Initiative

    3. Interpersonal skills

     4. Management skills

     5. Multi-tasking

     6. Flexibility

     7. Time management

     8. Uses multiple delivery mechanisms

    9. Communication skills/Speaking

    10. Communication skills/Writing and Editing

    11. Communication skills

    12. Presentation skills


    The Panel Presentation has two parts:

    a)      The Panel Presentation Questionnaire asks you to respond to written questions regarding your current role and PR experience, and it assesses your background, experience and written communication. Your responses to the Questionnaire will serve later as background for panelists attending your Panel Presentation. The Questionnaire also provides space for you to outline a PR program or campaign, which you will use for your presentation.

    b)      The Panel Presentation. After you’ve submitted your Questionnaire, you have 15 days to finalize your Portfolio and schedule your Presentation with the APR Committee Chair. Your Portfolio provides the details and any materials you wish to share regarding the PR program you highlighted in the Questionnaire and are presenting to your panel of accredited members.  It should showcase your use of public relations research, planning, implementation and evaluation. You will then present this information to panelists during your Panel Presentation. Panelists will review your Portfolio, score your Presentation and send their feedback to the UAB. You will be notified within three to four weeks if you can advance to take the computerized exam.


    5.       Take the Computer-based Examination. Once advanced, you will schedule your Exam with a national testing facility.  The three-hour, 45-minute exam has 132 questions, which assess specific knowledgeskills and abilities (KSAs)about public relations. You will be officially notified within three to four weeks if you’ve passed the exam.


    A full list of resources can be found at

    For more information, contact Stacee Martin, APR at [email protected] (303-572-2385)

    or Kathy Mulvihill at [email protected]  (212-460-1436).