Board of Directors Position Descriptions

    2021 Board Position Descriptions


    • Perform all duties of the President if the President is absent or unable to perform those duties for any reason.
    • Assist the President in coordinating and directing committee activities and chapter operations and perform such duties as may be delegated by the President.
    • Recommend goals, objectives, plans and programs to the President.
    • Advise the President on matters of policy and procedure.
    • Ensure that minimum standards for chapters are being met.
    • Ensure that chapter bylaws are kept up-to-date and propose changes to reflect current policy as needed.
    • Lead nominating committee with immediate past president to develop leadership roster for your term as president.
    • Attend Leadership Rally hosted by National PRSA.



    • Work with the chapter president and president-elect in preparing the annual budget for approval in December.
    • With support of the PRSA Colorado Office, issue receipts and make authorized disbursements by check after proper approval by the president or the board.
    • Work with board liaisons and committee chairs to ensure they are managing their budgets.
    • Manage and make recommendations for chapter’s investment portfolio.
    • Make monthly financial reports to the board.
    • Render an annual financial statement to the chapter’s membership.
    • Comply with IRS regulations for filing IRS Form 990 and provide the filed forms to PRSA National.
    • Supply PRSA Colorado chapter dues information to PRSA National.



    • Maintain board records and receives and files minutes of committee meetings.
    • Take minutes during the board meetings and the annual board retreat; share minutes with the board.
    • Post board minutes to the PRSA Colorado Board Dropbox or other shared digital platform.
    • Maintain the board and committee rosters in conjunction with the membership committee.
    • Maintain copies of all other chapter documents such as bylaws, meeting programs and evaluations, strategic plans, etc., for future use and make sure these are sent to the PRSA Colorado Office at the end of each year to maintain chapter history.
    • Keep the board and committee chairs informed of upcoming meetings by notifying them within the time frame required by the bylaws.
    • Ensure the SOP Manual is current and uploaded and available in relevant Dropbox or other shared digital folders.
    • Assist committee chairs with completing quarterly and/or annual reports.


    Assembly Delegate

    • Participate in PRSA National Assembly Delegate conference calls.
    • It is recommended that chapters advise delegates on issues before Leadership Assembly. Delegates can vote individually and do not have be locked into a vote prior to Assembly. Discussion at Assembly may present pertinent information that may affect the chapter’s point of view.
    • If the delegate is not attending the Assembly, he/she must forward the Assembly information packet to an alternate.
    • Chapter assembly delegates are voting members on the board.
    • Perform committee liaison duties as assigned by the president.
    • Assist committee chairs with tasks to support committee goals and will report results at board meetings if chairs are unable to attend.



    • Serve to aid the board of directors in various projects and to vote at chapter meetings
    • Perform committee liaison duties as assigned by the president
    • Assist committee chairs with tasks to support the committee goals and will report results at board meetings if chairs are unable to attend.

    To nominate yourself or another Chapter member, please complete the nomination form, which requires the signatures of five current Chapter members. You can submit the form online or by U.S. mail, email or fax. Signatures can be submitted through the PDF form or submitted via multiple forms (all signatures don’t need to appear on the same form).  The deadline for nominations is 5 p.m. on Wednesday, August 5, 2020.