Volunteer of the Month

    Kaitlin Gault

    Title: Communications Specialist

    Organization: City of Brighton

    Committee: Communications and Student Outreach

    Committee Role: Communications Co-Chair and Student Outreach Committee Member

    What was the top reason you joined PRSA Colorado? While attending the University of Northern Colorado, I joined the journalism program’s Student Public Relations Network (SPRN). Although I believe I took full advantage of what SPRN had to offer during my time as a member, I wish now that I had joined much sooner. After graduating, I didn’t want to waste any time finding a new community to join, and I knew PRSA Colorado would be the perfect fit. It also didn’t hurt having Jane Dvorak, my then internship boss, emphasize the value of PRSA at least two times a week.

    Why do you volunteer? I volunteer for a few reasons. First and foremost is giving back and helping others. It can be pretty easy to forget how blessed we are, and I think volunteering is a great way to remain humble in all we have and accomplish.

    As the co-chair of the communications committee, I have the opportunity to give back by optimizing the chapter’s communication objectives and strategies. At the same time, serving on the student outreach committee has allowed me to share my experiences about navigating the post-college “what am I doing with my life?” crisis a majority of graduates experience. If I can help even one student, I’m grateful.

    In addition to giving back is gaining new experiences and perceptions. Volunteering has consistently exposed me to new challenges and given me skills that can’t be acquired by staying in my comfort zone, or through my daily professional life. Through volunteering for PRSA Colorado, I’ve been able to learn from smart, ambitious, talented PR pros that I most likely wouldn’t otherwise have access to. I’m beyond thankful for the people I have learned from so far in this organization.

    What’s your favorite Colorado activity? I’m a big sports gal so naturally attending a Rockies or Nuggets game tops the list. I also enjoy exploring different areas of Denver with my girlfriends discovering a new brunch spot (all-you-can-eat bacon is a favorite!) or heading to the mountains to soak up Colorado’s fresh air and sunshine. You can’t lose with a Red Rocks concert, as well.

    Connect with Kaitlin on Twitter at @Kaitlingault or LinkedIn

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