Not Your Parents’ PR Practice

    The world of PR has changed. Dramatically. In many cases, social media has replaced traditional media relations. Communicating with employees looks far different than it once did. In fact, we have new ways of reaching most of our audiences. But audiences are splintered, distracted and have short attention spans. How has your PR practice changed / stayed the same over the years? What challenges / opportunities has that meant for you? Are the changes good? Bad? Or both? What are you struggling with in today’s new world of PR?

    No speaker. Just a conversation among people in the room. So, come prepared to listen, learn and share. The conversation will go wherever we take it.

    6 to 8 p.m., February 23. Blue Bonnet Café, 457 South Broadway. Plenty of free parking. Buy your own food and drinks. The Blue Bonnet will provide a server just for us. Doors open at 5:30. Place your food/drink order before 6 for happy hour prices. PRSA members $10, nonmembers $20. Register at

    PRSA’s Master Practitioners’ Group offers programs designed to give PR professionals who’ve been around the block a few times a place to participate in discussions about interesting topics. We don’t check IDs or credentials. You’re welcome to join us if you believe you have enough judgment and experience to add value to the conversation — or if you’re just curious about what people have to say.

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