Join Our Crew!

    No assigned committee. No monthly calls. No meetings. No reports. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?!

    So, what exactly is the PRSA Colorado Volunteer Crew?

    The Crew is a group of PRSA Colorado members who are passionate about communications and want to make a difference in our industry. Outside of attending professional development, community and social events hosted by PRSA and PRSA Colorado, Crew members also want to do more for our organization…when their schedule allows.

    Every now and then, our committees need an extra hand to take on a task. It may be a timely action (such as, can someone call these four sponsors and ask them to email their logos ASAP for us to place them in the event program?) or it may be a less pressing request (like, would you be willing to write a blog post summing up your take on the top five networking resources for those new to our industry?).

    Crew to the rescue! Your name would be on our call list for those who are willing to pitch in here and there, as needed and when possible. You set your terms – when to reach out, when not to, and you choose whether or not to accept a task.

    If you want to volunteer on an occasional basis with PRSA Colorado, please sign up here on the online committee volunteer form. The only requirement to join any of our committees is that you are a member of PRSA and PRSA Colorado. If you’re interested in a longer term commitment by connecting with one of our other committees or joining the board of directors, check the boxes for the committees you are interested in on the online form or email us at [email protected] to let us know!

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