Colorado Assembly Delegates to Vote on PRSA Bylaw Changes at ICON – We Need Your Input!

    While Colorado PRSA members head to Boston for PRSA’s 2017 International Conference October 8-10, Chapter Delegates will gather the preceding Saturday at the annual Leadership Assembly to participate in strategic discussions about PRSA and the PR profession, and to vote on four national bylaw amendments.

    As representatives to the chapter, Colorado Delegates want to hear from YOU on the proposed changes. The four bylaw amendments are summarized below. Please access our online survey HERE to provide your input, concerns or question by October 4. You may also contact Renee Robinson with concerns or questions.

    1. District bylaw approval. The National Board of Directors reviews bylaws of Chapters, Districts and Sections, but there is a loophole in the authority to change bylaws in the Districts. The proposed amendment will provide new language to allow National to make changes in District bylaws to ensure they are legal and compliant with National bylaws. Bylaw Amendment 1701 – Document the Requirement for District Bylaws to Comply with PRSA Bylaws

    Colorado Delegates Leaning YES

    2. Remove barriers to membership and better reflect base. The industry is evolving, and there are fewer people and fewer members with “public relations” in their title or their primary job description. The proposed amendment will allow National to change bylaw language from “public relations professional” to “communications professional.” This does not mean the Society’s name or mission will change; rather changing the language in the bylaws is an adaptation to reflect reality and be more inclusive to all communications professionals. Bylaw Amendment 1702 – Change “public relations” to “communications” in most locations   

    Colorado Delegates Leaning YES

    3. Secure the best talent and improve diversity by electing all at-large members. PRSA wants the best, most diverse slate for its National Board of Directors. Geographic consideration has been a leading qualification for a candidate’s nomination but has also limited potential candidates from nomination. Under the proposed amendment, geography will still play an important role in determining board service (e.g., every district will still have a member on the PRSA Nominating Committee and Districts can nominate as many candidates as they want each year), but geography will be equal to board needs for diverse representation balanced across industries, experience, diversity, etc. Bylaw Amendment 1703  Eliminate Requirement for District Representation Among Directors

    Colorado Delegates Leaning YES

    4. Authorize the National Board of Directors to amend bylaws, while still allowing Assembly final approval. To adapt more quickly to meet member needs, the proposed amendment will enable staff and Delegates to focus on issues facing the industry while National focuses on governance. Delegates will still participate and provide input on bylaw changes — and will have a 30-day comment period prior to board action on proposed bylaws amendments. Delegates will be able to overturn bylaws enacted by the Board with two-thirds vote. Bylaw Amendment 1704 – Allow the Board of Directors to Amend Bylaws 

    Colorado Delegates Leaning YES

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