Boosting the 2017 PRSA Colorado Chapter Summit

    In the fast-paced world of public relations, it can be hard to find the time to give back to the communities in which we live and work.  That is why PRSA Colorado’s signature PR Boost event has successfully connected dozens of local nonprofits with experienced public relations professionals to help “boost” their PR and communications programs.

    This year, PRSA Colorado will incorporate our annual PR Boost event into its Chapter Summit on September 14. This enables nonprofit organizations to gain one-on-one PR coaching at Boost and have access to an entire day of other professional development opportunities, all at an affordable cost. In addition, experienced PR pros can “give back” to the nonprofits who give to our community every day by volunteering their time as a PR coach for Boost.

    “Integrating our PR Boost event into the Summit is a fantastic way for nonprofits to gain top-tier PR coaching and professional development in a single day at an affordable price,” said Stacey Sepp, PRSA Colorado board member. “It’s a great opportunity for nonprofits to elevate their PR programs while still being mindful of the budget.”

    Nonprofit organizations and volunteer coaches for PR Boost can receive a $35 discount off their full-day Summit registration. Nonprofits can register here. Nonprofit organizations: use the code PRBOOST during registration to participate in PR Boost and receive the discount.

    To sign up as a volunteer coach, email Stacey Sepp at [email protected] to receive your discount code for $35 off your registration.

    We will see you at Summit!

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