Chapter Blog Submission Guidelines

    General Guidelines

    • Blog submissions must have content of relevance to PRSA Colorado’s members.
    • Submissions must be timely and relevant.
    • Submissions must be made and authored by PRSA Colorado members.
    • The member submitting the blog post must also be the author; submissions by PRSA Colorado members of content written by non-members will not be accepted.
    • Self-promotion (either of services, books, or other materials) is highly discouraged and likely will not be permitted.
    • Visuals are strongly encouraged (graphics, images, etc.) though any images submitted must fall under fair use, or the author must have rights to the visual.
    • Write in the first person.
    • Adhere to AP Style Guidelines.
    • Keep posts between 250 and 500 words.
    • Include a short 1-2 sentence bio.
    • An author head shot/photo is optional, though encouraged. If including, please submit a color jpg.

    Blog authors are encouraged to:

    • Exercise caution, if not avoid, material that may be deemed to contain exaggeration, colorful language, guesswork, obscenity, copyrighted materials, legal conclusions, and derogatory remarks or characterizations.
    • Not disclose without authorization any information that is confidential or proprietary to third parties.
    • Maintain a respectful attitude and tone. 
    • Always obtain permission from rights holders to use any previously created materials not governed by fair use. 
    • Respect PRSA’s ethical guidelines and the PRSA Member Code of Ethics.

    PRSA Colorado reserves the right to exclude any postings or material that it deems to be unsuitable, unlawful, or objectionable.

    Submit your Chapter blog submissions via the Communications Form.

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