Attracting talent to the PR industry

    As part of our Diversity and Inclusion efforts, the D&I committee has been working to partner with educational organizations and share more about the PR industry with aspiring professionals. In December 2020 and February 2021, several members of PRSA Colorado volunteered a small amount of time to share more about their work in PR, the impact PR has across a variety of industries and how PR can help guide an organization towards its goals. In addition to sharing more about our work, we hope to present public relations as a viable career option and attract a more diverse audience to the profession.

    The experience was not only rewarding for PRSA members, but also enlightening for students who may think of PR as just “publicity,” or hadn’t considered its role beyond communications. As we all know, the foundation of a good public relations plan is rooted in building and maintaining strong relationships, both internally and externally. The strategies to achieve that need a whole host of skills that young or aspiring professionals can use to get their foot in the door. In turn, helping younger audiences see how much more there is to public relations than what meets the eye will hopefully spark more interest in this growing profession.

    Interested in sharing more about your work with rising PR pros? Here are some tips to make it a great experience:

    1. Share your knowledge and experience: Public relations is a multifaceted profession that involves internal and external communications, media relations, community engagement, digital and social communications and many other strategies that appeal to varied interests. Don’t be shy about explaining where you shine, how you spend the majority of your time, and what aspects of the job you may consider the “necessary evils” of public relations. This will help give students a well-rounded view into the world of PR and what a typical day may look like.
    2. Encourage them to explore their interests: A popular question among students has been how they might go about getting into public relations or a related field. While we may have seen an increased interest in pursuing a career in public relations, many of us took a winding path to get to where we are now by following our own interests. Public relations professionals are needed across a broad range of industries, and it can be a great way to combine the “hard skills” of PR with one’s personal interests or passions. 
    3. Reflect on your path: One of the best parts of sharing what you do for a living is being able to reflect on your own journey. What have you learned? Where have you grown? How would you change or shape the industry now in today’s ever-changing world? Being able to see the profession from an outside perspective can also provide you with valuable insight into how you are a part of this evolving profession.

    We’d love to have you join an upcoming presentation to students! A small commitment of an hour or two of your time in the coming months can have huge payoffs in bringing more talented and diverse individuals to the world of public relations. Please reach out to Winna MacLaren at [email protected], and we’ll work to pair you with a student group soon.


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