CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK. on Public Relations

    CHANGE. ADAPT. ROCK. on Public Relations

    KRISTIN GOLLIHER Founder & CEO | WildRock Public Relations & Marketing

    When the pandemic first hit it seemed as if every business was in a crisis. Small businesses got smaller or closed altogether. Profit margins collapsed and supply lines shut down. Business owners battled for funding options in a desperate attempt to keep the lights on. Sharing information was pushed to the bottom of the agenda and parents were trying to figure out how to balance careers on top of childcare or homeschool. It was complete chaos.

    While much of this is still true, I found myself wondering how I could help. Public relations is, and always has been, about building and maintaining relationships. As a boutique, service-based agency, what could we possibly offer that could help companies in this time of need?

    What if we offered up everything?

    I brought this wild idea to my team and like many entrepreneurial ideas, I was sure they’d shrug it off and tell me to keep brainstorming. But, they didn’t. In fact, my team rallied in the most incredible way! What started as a five-page e-book grew into a digital masterpiece and eventually a paperback, “Change. Adapt. Rock.: A Rock-Solid Guide so You can Win at Marketing.

    Why launch a book filled with all our trade secrets during a pandemic?

    Bottom line, we felt obligated. Businesses were so overwhelmed, and marketing didn’t need to be one of the many stressors. That was something we could help with. They needed new ideas and ways to rethink their brands, they needed rockstar tips for getting their stories out, and most importantly, they needed it now.

    Some of the PR tips covered include low-cost or no-cost ideas that are ideal for a pandemic or any tough economic time. Tips such as:

    • Draft a press release and distribute news to media.
      • Many newsrooms have editor contact information on their website and/or a submission form for news tips and press releases.
    • Create an engaging social media post to tell your story.
      • With the continued merging of PR and social media, online channels have become another great platform for brand publishing and storytelling.
    • Distribute an email newsletter .
      • Is your email list under 2,000? MailChimp offers free resources and even basic email marketing templates so you can send out a polished campaign.
    • Host a contest or giveaway.
      • These can help you collect email addresses for future email campaigns, engage with your customers in new ways and get people interested in new products or services.
    • Share content on your blog.
      • Use a blog to promote what makes your brand special and broadcast your news. Blogs also help build your search engine optimization (SEO) credibility when you use relevant keywords.
    • Partner with bloggers or influencers to share your story.
      • Reach out to find out what they are working on and talk about what story ideas you offer that speak to their audience. Can you offer them a product/service to share with their fans?
    • Seek out co-marketing opportunities for cross-promotion.
      • Think about asking like-minded brands to share content on your business, maybe through their email marketing or social media channels. In turn, you promote their business through your channels.

    These are just a few of the Rockstar tips that are included in the new book and e-book. Here’s to all small businesses, may you never forget you have the power to change, the ability to adapt and the bravery to rock through anything!

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