Welcome New Member Audra LeTurgez!

    Welcome New Member Audra LeTurgez

    Role/company: I have worked at the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment for 10 years as an Administrative Assistant while going to school to complete my degree. I have been on the department’s social media team for 10 years, and the Public Information Officer team for nine years.

    Favorite Colorado activity: No matter where I am, my favorite activity is being with my family. Because of COVID-19, we’ve been given the opportunity to find new activities to pursue. Some of our favorite from this summer are taking walks around the farms in our community and visiting the lake. We’ve found a spot at our lake that seems to be a well-kept secret – not many people, and enough room to allow safe social distancing while still enjoying our time together.

    What has this virus isolation time taught you about yourself? I have grown immensely during the pandemic. Professionally, I was given the opportunity to take a lead position in the Joint Information Center. Personally, I’ve taken the time to read books, relax outside instead of vegging out in front of the television, and to set boundaries to protect not only my (and my family’s) health, but mental health as well.

    What are you looking to get out of PRSA? I’m looking to obtain further knowledge in our field from those who have worked in it. I have already taken many webinars that I can directly use at PDPHE to bolster what is already in place.

    What are you choosing as your theme for the second half of the year? Be positive, take less personally, and continue both professional and personal growth.

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