Get to Know New Member Drake Mclean

    Role/company: I graduated from Colorado State University in May, and I’m currently helping a boutique women’s consignment store revamp their social media strategy while I look for a full-time position.

    Favorite Colorado activity: My favorite activity in Colorado has to be skiing, but I spend just as much time fly fishing in the summer months. 

    What has this virus isolation time taught you about yourself? I’ve learned that we’ll still have a ton of fun and stay connected online in our dystopian future!

    What are you looking to get out of PRSA? I’m looking to learn from others’ experience in PR and meet a motivated group of people who love what they do. 

    What are you choosing as your theme for the second half of the year? My theme for the second half this year is opportunity. I’d like to put my head down and find the right team with the right company to start my career.

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