Get to know new member Kimaleen Tran

    Role/company: I'm a marketing professional with a background in the tourism/hospitality industry, and I'm currently seeking new opportunities in PR, communications, and marketing.

    Favorite Colorado activity: I love being outdoors and going on new adventures with loved ones. My favorite activity pre-COVID was checking out trendy new hot spots like restaurants, happy hour destinations, and art museums in Denver.

    What's your proudest career accomplishment or milestone in the last year? I was able to transition from a sales role to a product marketing role within the previous company that I worked for, and it helped me grow personally and professionally in my career.

    What are you looking to get out of PRSA? I'm looking to network and connect with industry professionals to further and seek guidance in my career to be inspired, inspire, and make a difference within the community.

    Who's your dream dinner party guest (living or dead), and why? My dream dinner party guest would be John Legend at a Christmas dinner; his voice is angelic, and it would be magical.

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