Get to Know New Member Nora Thomas

    Role/company: I’m currently looking for a job, but meanwhile, I’ve been networking, working on my resume, interviewing skills and portfolio, and volunteering with New Era Colorado. 


    Favorite Colorado activity: I love exploring new restaurants and breweries in Denver! Who doesn't like to try a new place for brunch on a Saturday? I also love hammocking in different parts of Colorado -- specifically the mountains. 


    What's your proudest career accomplishment or milestone in the last year? Receiving my bachelor’s degree in public relations from CU Boulder.


    What are you looking to get out of PRSA? I’m excited to learn more about PR in the Denver market and expand my skillset with advice from other PR professionals. 


    Looking at the disruption and feelings of anxiety the COVID-19 outbreak has caused, is there a personal takeaway you could share that you'll carry forward? I’ve learned it's so important to practice self-care while staying at home. Although this time is difficult, I've prioritized keeping myself busy by painting and catching up on all of the shows I've been meaning to watch. Quarantine has taught me how to be patient moving forward and that it’s okay to slow down so you can enjoy things you've been wanting to try. 

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