Get to Know New Member Jon Stone

    Role/company: Media Relations Manager, University of Denver 


    Favorite Colorado activity: Golf 


    What's your proudest career accomplishment or milestone in the last year? I co-lead an effort at the University of Denver to work and train a group of faculty to help them translate and disseminate their research to media and non-academic audiences. Observing this group and watching their success is a point of pride since the faculty are applying the information and techniques that I have helped teach. 


    What are you looking to get out of PRSA? I spent 15 years working in local media. I hope that by joining PRSA I will be able to network with other professionals and learn new techniques for being more effective at my job. 


    Looking at the disruption and feelings of anxiety the COVID-19 outbreak has caused, is there a personal takeaway you could share that you'll carry forward? My primary takeaway from the COVID-19 outbreak is simply how resilient we are when faced with a great challenge. We see examples every day of people going above and beyond to confront the challenges we are facing in society. I hope that even after this pandemic we will continue to see these examples of resiliency and the innovative ways individuals are approaching challenges.

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