Get to know New Member Emma Feeney

    Role/company: Account Coordinator at SchroderHaus Marketing Communications 


    Favorite Colorado activity: Escaping to the mountains for the weekend, whether it’s 26 minutes or four hours away! 


    What's your proudest career accomplishment or milestone in the last year? My proudest career accomplishment in the past year was being added to the SchroderHaus team full time. We mostly use subcontractors, so it’s just me, Brette and our founder, Elexis, on the team full-time, and it was such an honor to be added to the family in that way. Additionally, I am honored each day that I continue to work on our Fairtrade America account and am thrilled whenever I secure a major hit for them — I’ve learned so much through working on this client and appreciate each relationship I’ve built because of it.


    What are you looking to get out of PRSA? I’m looking to make more connections in the PR field through PRSA; I love talking about PR strategies and outcomes, and it’s even more fun to do so with folks in your same, or similar, boat. 


    Looking at the disruption and feelings of anxiety the COVID-19 outbreak has caused, is there a personal takeaway you could share that you'll carry forward? A personal takeaway for me is not to let the things I can’t control, control me, but to focus on the things that I can control. It has also been extremely helpful, physically and mentally, to get outside at least once a day and do something active. I’m hoping that continues once everything calms down, too. 


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