Get to Know New Member Bree Hogenmiller 

    Get to Know New Member Bree Hogenmiller 

    Role/compay: Marketing and Communications Coordinator, SCL Health 

    Favorite Colorado activity: Like many Coloradans, I enjoy anything outside, but especially snowboarding in the winter and exploring the mountains during the summer. I'm originally from Minnesota, so if I am near a body of water, I am a happy girl! Especially with my French bulldog by my side. 

    What word or phrase best reflects/describes your personal "theme" for 2020? The word that reflects my theme of 2020 would likely be ambition. There are so many different reasons why, but just hitting my one-year mark at SCL Health, I feel I’m able to truly understand the culture and tone of the organization. I’m so eager to build up my communications skills while developing relationships throughout the organization. 

    What are you looking to get out of PRSA? I’m hoping to grow my knowledge of PR and communications to inform my work at SCL Health and wherever else I may go in the future. I gained a lot from the PRSSA chapter I belonged to during college, and now that I’m starting my career, I just want to learn more and get to know others within my profession. 

    Looking at the disruption and feelings of anxiety the COVID-19 outbreak has caused, what's the most inspiring example of community you've observed? It’s inspired me to see those in my community rallying together to provide students and families meals during this difficult time, no questions asked. Many people have stocked up on food and toiletries, but there are many who don't have the means to do that. I’ve enjoyed seeing my community come together to support those who need it. Additionally, many stores have recently added hours ONLY for the elderly to go in and get what they need. I think that’s such a great gesture and example of community. 


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