Get to Know New Member Jordan Sherman 


    Role/company: PR Manager, M&C Communications 

    Favorite Colorado activity: I enjoy hiking Colorado’s many magnificent trails, then tossing back a pint (or two) of our world-class craft beer. 

    What word or phrase best reflects/describes your personal "theme" for 2020? Thrive. While that word is far from apropos to the current climate we all find ourselves in, I pushed the chips all in last December when I changed careers from broadcast television to public relations. I spent nearly a decade working as an on-air meteorologist and told myself that if I ever left TV, it would be for a career I would enjoy and bring success. I told myself I would thrive. I intend to do that in 2020 and beyond. 

    What are you looking to get out of PRSA? Working in public relations is new to me in almost every facet. We had our fair share of PR moments with the public while working for various TV stations, but it’s a totally different ball game when it’s your career. I intend to be a sponge, learning as much as I can and networking with my new colleagues throughout the industry. 


    Looking at the disruption and feelings of anxiety the COVID-19 outbreak has caused, what's the most inspiring example of community you've observed? Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, very few people would wave or smile as you passed them jogging. They used to frown, look away or deliberately avoid eye contact. Now people will look you in the eye and smile. While I wish it didn’t take a global pandemic for humanity to recognize the preciousness of life and these little moments that we otherwise took for granted, people seem to be realizing we’re all in this together.

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