Q&A with 2020 Chapter President Geoff Renstrom

    By Mallory Feeney, PRSA Colorado Communications Committee Member, Marketing Coordinator at Visit Aurora

    This month, PRSA Colorado welcomed a new Chapter President, Geoff Renstrom. With nearly a decade of professional experience at leading public relations agencies in the Denver market, Renstrom's experience with communications strategy, media relations, crisis support, issues management, media training, and more combines his knowledge with a passion for PR.

    We sat down with Renstrom to discuss his plans for 2020 alongside fresh ideas and new engagement tactics for members.

    Q: Can you talk about some of your biggest goals for 2020?

    A: I'm excited about the opportunity we have as an organization to help young professionals grow in their careers, while also engaging the breadth of knowledge and experience that our chapter has. I'm thrilled to incorporate some new technologies and approaches into the mix while continuing to offer a variety of programming, education, and networking opportunities.

    Q: What are the new things members can expect?

    A: We're working to continue to grow and evolve our chapter, and we have some really exciting things in the works, including a focus on crucial practice areas where professionals with a similar focus can come together to share ideas. Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives will continue to grow and expand in 2020 as well.

    Q: What makes you most excited to work with the 2020 Board of Directors?

    A: On our 2020 Board of Directors, we have great passion, energy, and fresh ideas. That has me really excited and passionate as we move forward to embrace new ways of thinking, integrating technology, and better engaging our members to grow the chapter

    Q: Explain the ways current members can engage and interact with PRSA Colorado.

    A: Share your voice, share your ideas, and attend events that appeal to you! We're working hard to bring quality programming to you in 2020, both in-person and through online channels as well. I'm excited to see how we can grow and engage newer members and PR pros this year to help expand the range of voices and ideas in our chapter.

    Q: Highlight a few of your short-term plans for 2020.

    A: Growing our member base to engage new professionals, share diverse voices, and experiences while providing reliable resources for our members through some new approaches to our Connects program and digital programming.

    Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

    I'm thrilled to be a part of this fantastic organization and eager to put into action some strong ideas coming from the past several years of leadership as well as input from our new board members.

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