Make 2020 the year to get your APR

    By Corinne Baud, PRSA Communications Committee Member

    With the new year on the horizon, now is the time to start thinking about how to set one’s self up for success in 2020. One thing that could significantly benefit, invigorate and challenge public relations professionals is obtaining their APR this upcoming year.

    “Obtaining your APR is a great investment in yourself, as continuing your education is never a bad thing,” said Chair of the Colorado APR Committee Stacee Martin, APR. “It’s a great way to recommit one’s self to the profession through the focused lens of research and implementation.”

    APR, or Accreditation in Public Relations, is a credential earned by public relations practitioners that shows commitment, hard work and a passion for advancing one’s knowledge of public relations. The entire process is outlined in detail on the PRSA website.

    Currently, 79 Colorado PRSA members have earned their APR designation, with four members earning their accreditation in 2019, including Dustin Moody, APR, and Sarah Beatty, APR.

    “Pursuing my APR was one of the best professional development experiences I could have chosen,” says Moody. “While the biggest challenge was accounting for deliberate study time, the investment has significantly benefitted my career so far.”

    Interested applicants can inform the committee chair they are interested in pursuing the certification. From there, an online application will be reviewed by the Universal Accreditation Board. Upon review, the process continues on to a panel presentation to the APR Committee Chair. Finally, applicants will need to pass a computer-based exam assessing specific knowledge, skills and abilities related to public relations.

    Upon completion, APR designated professionals are recognized for this significant achievement in various areas of their careers. Colleagues, clients and companies often look to accredited professionals for practical advice and ethical counsel.

    “Achieving the APR certification demonstrates to my clients that I take my work seriously and I’m committed to ethical and transparent interactions with clients, colleagues, media partners and others,” says Beatty. “It also signifies my commitment to lifelong learning in the practice of public relations. I use the skills honed through earning the APR every day in my work.”

    The process can take up to a year, which makes the start of the new year a great time to dive into it. For more information, visit the PRSA website, or to start the process reach out to committee chair Stacee Martin.

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