PRSSA International Conference Highlights from PRSSA CU Boulder

    by Elijah Banashek, PRSSA CU Boulder

    I recently had the pleasure of attending the 2019 PRSSA International Conference in San Diego with a few of my fellow board members. I was accompanied by our chapter president Anna Ritz; our vice president Ally Weissenbach; and our director of PR Emily Meyer. As a first-time board member, having been a member of PRSSA for less than a year, the conference made me wish I had joined much earlier.

    Every presentation and break out session that I was able to attend was educational and inspiring, though my personal favorite was “The Road to Innovation” with Josh Grau. Josh expertly broke down three main archetypes of companies; mothers or customer focused companies, mechanics or product focused companies, and missionaries or concept focused companies. While a company can transition between these various personas throughout their lifecycle, the key takeaway is that the role of any company should be in line with its corporate DNA, or in layman’s terms, what the company is meant to do.

    However, the biggest highlight for me wasn’t any particular presentation or guest-speaker, but the general sense of comradery in the air, which was profound and infectious upon the moment of my arrival. I was struck with an instant sense of connection (and not just the LinkedIn kind), every interaction I had felt almost abnormally genuine whether it was a peer or a professional, it was clear that everyone wanted to bolster each other’s success.

    All in all, the connections I made and the knowledge I gained will stay with me for life. I strongly urge any member of PRSSA whether you serve on the board or not to attend a conference before you graduate, I promise you won’t regret it.

    If you’re graduating this December or next spring, join your local PRSA chapter.

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