PRSA Bylaw Amendment Vote Results: Delegates Support Governance Committee

    By Teresa Dougherty, APR, chapter delegate, ethics officer

    PRSA Colorado’s four delegates were among nearly 200 delegates from across the country in attendance at this year’s Leadership Assembly in San Diego on Oct.19. The focus of Leadership Assembly was to vote on three proposed bylaw amendments.

    While there was spirited debate about the amendments — both at the assembly and prior to the assembly — chapter delegates joined most other delegates voting to support the Governance Committee.

    Amendments 1901 and 1902 focused on updates to PRSA’s Charter of Incorporation and clarifications to PRSA’s Bylaw language respectively. Both amendments were overwhelmingly supported by the delegation; 98% voting for 1901 and 99% voting for 1902.

    The third proposed amendment,1903, was submitted by five members who petitioned to eliminate the role of the national board in officer nominations. The amendment, with a closer margin, failed for the third consecutive year. The vote for 1903 was 45% in favor of changing the process to 55% in support of maintaining the current nomination process.

    PRSA Colorado’s delegates cast their votes consistent with those members who provided input to the member survey. PRSA will be posting details about the voting in a few weeks. For more on each bylaw amendment, please visit here.

    Delegates also elected new national officers and directors, whom you can read about here.

    If you have questions about the amendments or about Leadership Assembly, please contact any one of our chapter delegates:

    Teresa Dougherty, APR

    Michelle Ellis

    Geoff Renstrom

    Nicole Yost

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