PRSSA Benefits: They’re Not Just for Board Members

    By Anna Ritz, University of Colorado – Boulder PRSSA President 2019-2020


    As a senior in college, the thought of graduation is constantly in the back of my mind. I find myself wondering what kind of work environment I want to be in, where I’d like to live, etc. Being involved in PRSSA as both a dues-paying member and executive board member have helped me tremendously in this pivotal time during my journey from student to young professional.  

    As a PRSSA member, the resources I have access to extend beyond Boulder and across the U.S. A national database of internship opportunities and scholarships help me succeed both in and out of class. As a board member, PRSSA has given me the opportunity to attend national conferences, make connections with industry professionals, and help shape and develop our chapter. 

    It has been an incredible four years! PRSSA has helped me take what I am learning in the classroom and apply it in a real-world setting. From speed networking events to listening to guest speakers, I’ve had the chance to get an inside look at what PR encompasses and how I can help continue development of the profession. As I prepare to graduate, I have constructed a solid foundation regarding what I want to do as a professional. With the collaboration between PRSSA and PRSA, I also know that I have another valuable and vast community that awaits me once I begin my working life.  

    Advice for freshmen (or anyone, really): Just go to a PRSSA meeting. Introduce yourself to a board member or faculty adviser. Ask questions. Get involved. It will set you up for success as you enter your final stages of college.

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