Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Erika R. Martinez

    By Caroline Martin, PRSA Colorado Communications Committee


    When Erika Martinez was starting to explore what she wanted to do with her life, the Hispanic and multicultural marketing space was just taking shape. Everything she read said that by not targeting the Hispanic community, marketers were missing something. While she did not directly go into Hispanic and multicultural marketing, Erika is always using her lens to keep the multicultural communities well-represented. As a seasoned communications professional, she believes that each of her experiences have led her to where she is today, and she strives to give back to her community.  

    Erika has asked herself how she can play a role in targeting Denver’s large Latino population in a culturally appropriate way, while also targeting the general market. She began to realize that she needed to be intentional with the words and images she was using. Noticing there was a need for more programming in Spanish, Erika asked herself, “How do we market to the Latino community without creating a whole new publication?”

    Within her current role, her department puts out a publication called Engage, a monthly magazine that lists Denver programs. She knew that adjustments could be made, and Conexiones was born, a quarterly publication in Spanish, celebrating one year this fall.

    Erika carries her heritage with her each day. She knows that having someone on your team who can engage with a targeted community and identify their needs helps communicators effectively represent that community. If a program she is working on can be targeted to Latinos, she will bring it up.

    Erika encourages people to get involved in their communities, whatever community that may be. Even though the communications industry is evolving, there is still a lack in Hispanic communications professionals. Erika has noticed that if Hispanic communications professionals are interested in the PR industry, they usually end up in another profession.

    Erika believes networking can help you discover and share your passions with the community. You could help your community through committee work or board service. The work Erika has done in her community helped her grow as a communications professional and helped her gain experience she would not otherwise have in her career.

    About Erika

    After graduating from the University of Colorado - Denver, Erika landed at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver where she began to develop her network. With experience in events, internal and external communications, Erika brought her experience to the City and County of Denver where she was able to give back to the community. Connecting to the community has always been something Erika seeks.  

    Erika continues to work for the City and County of Denver and has been with them for nearly eight years. Erika started in Human Services focusing on internal communications. She later moved to the National Western Stock Show redevelopment, allowing her to be part of a monumental project in Denver; a project with national implications as one of the largest redevelopment projects in nation. After working on the National Western Stock Show redevelopment, Erika began working for the Denver Public Library in 2017.

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