A Student’s View of PRSA Shadow Day 2019

    By Morgan Blanner, sophomore at Colorado State University, anticipated graduation in May 2021

    PRSA Shadow Day is an opportunity you can’t pass up. As a Colorado State student striving toward a career in public relations, this opportunity allowed me to fully submerge myself in the life of a PR professional for a day. In addition to gaining insight into the industry, I connected with professionals that were eager to give career advice.

    Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA started the morning by explaining the benefits of membership in PRSA and the importance of investing in ourselves. Tom Hoog followed by giving the group insight on his experience and explaining the various opportunities in the public relations industry. Shortly after, a panel of PR professionals spoke about their career experience and explained the differences of working independently, for an agency or for a corporation.

    Following the panel, we met with our individual hosts. My host was Ali Munk, Director of Public Relations for Infinite CBD in Lakewood. After getting to know each other over lunch, we drove to Infinite CBD’s office. As soon as we got there, she took me on a tour of her office and made me feel like one of the employees. She took me through the warehouse, lab and packaging areas, while introducing me to everyone that we passed.

    Ali allowed me to sit in on her meeting with a partner company as they discussed their plans to launch a new product together. I was in the middle of the action as everyone bounced ideas off one another and caught up on their planning. I was able to see how Ali brainstormed with her team and how they set dates and deadlines to accomplish their tactics.

    After that, she let me join her in a meeting with Infinite CBD’s legal consultant to discuss logistics of a launch. She showed me how she came prepared with a set of questions to ask and topics to discuss. I observed how she made notes to herself, scheduled a time to meet again and made progress toward carrying out the final plan.

    At the end of the day, I walked away with an understanding of the company culture and the importance of a PR professional’s role in a company such as Infinite CBD.

    PRSA Shadow day gave me an immersive experience me that will benefit me for the rest of my career. Not only was I able to connect with potential mentors, I was able to wear Ali’s hat for a day and experience a realistic day in the industry. She allowed me to fully submerge into a day in her life as she included me in her real PR plan and allowed me to brainstorm ideas with her. Every aspiring PR professional should take advantage of this unique opportunity and join PRSA to reap even more benefits.

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