Working Alongside Travel and Tourism in Colorado

    By: Mallory Feeney, PRSA Colorado Communications Committee Digital Strategist, Visit Aurora Marketing Coordinator

    Tourism is an economic driver that often goes overlooked. On a national scale, it supports more than 15.7 million jobs and creates billions in tax revenue. But how does that translate to local communities? Visitors spend their income on local experiences, including dining, hotels, rental cars and attraction tickets. Direct visitor spending and tax revenue are flooded back into the community, making it possible to support projects, new development, small businesses and overall growth in a community. Colorado as a destination has grown exponentially, contributing to the nearly $78.6 billion in state and local tax revenue across the country last year alone.

    May plays host to National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW), a celebration showcasing the impact of tourism in every community. Consider how you can implement the themes below when targeting travelers who seek authentic experiences.

    Hidden Gems in Every Destination

    While major attractions, including zoos and theme parks, take center stage when highlighting a destination’s must-sees, modern travelers crave experiences that let them “live like a local.” When working alongside your local convention and visitor bureau (CVB), ask for information about what’s trendy in your city. Think hole-in-the-wall restaurants, mural art, handmade goods and craft beverages. Every town has something that makes it one-of-a-kind, and it’s our job to display that feature.

    Ask about Local Connections

    Without partnerships between businesses, attractions, hotels and restaurants, tourism professionals would find it difficult to plan activities for incoming visitors. CVBs work seamlessly to build connections with local hot spots. Ask your local CVB about utilizing these contacts for your events. They often work alongside major groups and are accustomed to building unique activities. From private brewery tours to chef-led cooking classes, the services department of a CBV knows what visitors are looking for!

    Be an Advocate for Your Destination

    Make an impact in your city by advocating for your destination. You can support beautification projects, local and small businesses, and new developments that attract visitors. Most importantly, highlight what your city does better than anyone else. You love your city, show others what makes it great by supporting new development projects and keeping city-specific brochures and visitor guides handy in your work space.

    NTTW is a blip on the radar for local tourism; CVBs in Colorado work year-round to build destination awareness for locals and travelers alike. You can learn more about travel and tourism nationally at the U.S. Travel Association’s website.

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