Board Member Chat, Tassi Herrick: Agency Experience is Key

    By Bailey Gannett, Associate Communications Specialist at Cherwell, Communications Committee 

    As an account supervisor at Linhart PR, Tassi Herrick has the pleasure of working on multiple consumer and corporate focused clients. From seafood and city campaigns, to baby food and omega 3’s; Tassi is approaching her first year anniversary at Linhart.

    “We have a great team that truly leans on each other for expertise and is great at collaborating to provide the best results for clients, whatever it takes,” shares Tassi.

    Previously, Tassi has worked for multiple global agencies including Ogilvy and Allison + Partners. As a true agency queen, Tassi’s extensive career in PR has pushed her to think strategically and be exceptionally nimble in her work. 

    “Agency experience has also helped me in people relations. Being on the agency side, there are a variety of personalities and work styles you need to learn to work with and learn how best to approach each. It’s really helped me in building relationships and being a better active listener in order to understand how best to communicate within different communication styles. This really helps me to identify exactly what clients are looking for,” shares Tassi.

    Originally hailing from Nebraska, Tassi received her degree in 2008 from Hastings College as a double major in Spanish and Marketing. When asked about how she got her start in PR, Tassi revealed that the second she graduated college, she decided she wanted to move Phoenix.

    “At the time, the job market was extremely competitive. I applied for literally hundreds of jobs and the first one I accepted happened to be in PR. I was terrified as I had very limited PR classes and experience, but I had great mentorship and leaders that taught me the ropes. I couldn’t be happier that I “stumbled” into this profession,” shares Tassi.

    Not only does Tassi shine in the career world, she is also an incredibly involved member of PRSA Colorado. Since joining the Colorado chapter in 2016, Tassi has served on the Gold Picks Committee, the Chapter Programs and Events Committee Member, and the Communications committee.

    “PRSA has been a great networking tool for me and has also given me the opportunity to see PR from different lenses. In PRSA, I’ve met a variety of professionals, from in-house positions and agencies, as well as those that focus in a variety of facets within PR such as internal communications, media relations, influencer marketing, etc. It’s a great way to learn from people that you may not have had the chance to meet without the association,” shares Tassi.

    Outside of work, Tassi has truly adopted what it means to be a Coloradoan. From attending Red Rocks concerts to hiking her 14ers, she remains incredibly active. True to her roots, however, she is still an avid Nebraska Cornhusker’s fan.

    As for what’s next in her future, Tassi believes that the next industry trend we will see on the rise in 2019 is all about micro influencers. Influencer relations has always been a passion area for her, and Tassi is excited to see influencer impact grow from a professional standpoint in the coming year.

    “We’ve seen a lot in in the last few months about the trend toward more micro influencers, and it’s something I believe whole heartedly in. These influencers have a much more targeted audience that is receptive to content from brands that are in line with their own personal brand. People that are more “real” have a huge influence on consumers’ purchase decisions, so working with these influencers and having them incorporate products or services into their everyday lives plays a huge role in getting your product or service in front of general consumers,” shares Tassi.

    Want to get to know Tassi or learn more? Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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