Change is in the Air; An Award-Winning Facelift

    By Ali Munk, PRSA Colorado Communications Committee, Infinite CBD Director of PR

    It’s inevitable that with time you will become outdated and need a refresh. Thankfully, the world has facelifts to keep us looking young. Without the facelift, the Real Housewives wouldn’t be who we have grown to love today, and quite frankly some of our favorite Hollywood actors and actresses would have been out of the business 10 to 20 years ago, reducing our entertainment choices.

    Cosmetic facelifts aren’t limited to the rich and the famous, RE/MAX LLC took advantage of the facelift in 2017 with the company’s Change is in the Air rebrand campaign – which won last year’s PRSA Colorado’s Grand Gold Pick Award. After 45 years of the same balloon and branding, RE/MAX decided the logo starting to sag and develop some wrinkles – so the company sought out help from an expert. Just like finding any reputable plastic surgeon for your facelift, Dave Liniger, co-founder of RE/MAX, needed to find a trustworthy, quality advertising agency to help improve their signs of an aging brand.

    In partnership with Camp+King, the company began a little nip and tuck campaign for a fresh face.

    Steps of a Branding Facelift Procedure

    Step 1. Anesthesia (Insight/Analytics)

    • To feel comfortable launching the campaign, RE/MAX tested brand variations where they received over 20,000 consumer responses to decide how to move forward and the direction of theme. The PR and Social Media teams were the anesthesiologist as they prepped research and analytics to use throughout the process.

    Step 2. The Incision (Planning)

    • RE/MAX made their first incision of the campaign by deciding to take an integrated approach to this campaign. Their goals focused on both PR and Social Media while keeping in mind their executives, shareholders and partners.

    Step 3. Lift and Closing the Incisions (Execution)

    • As research and planning come to an end, focus turns to the most critical stages of success. Each task needs to be executed with precision to prevent errors. After two years, PR, Social Media, marketing and executives of RE/MAX came together to launch the company’s Change is in the Air campaign – which took place during the transition of summer into fall. RE/MAX strategized to use spokesmen, key trade publications and social media outlets to stitch up and bring the entire campaign together for its final reveal.

    Step 4. See Results (Evaluation)

    • Change is in the Air now needed some time to show its improvements to evaluate the results. After gathering a variety of analytics from views, press coverage, social media growth and more, RE/MAX concluded a success by relating their evaluation to their key objectives.

    During last year’s PRSA Colorado Gold Pick Awards, RE/MAX didn’t stand out for Integrated Communications or Best Use of Branded Content like they submitted, but rather their facelift after 45 years took home the most flawless award, the Grand Gold Pick.

    When it comes to getting a facelift, we suggest you consult with a highly trained-professional for your perfect procedure, but if you think you created an award winning campaign like RE/MAX’s rebrand facelift, here are some tips from Kayla Roofe, Social Media Manager of RE/MAX, on what will make your submission Grand Gold Pick worthy:

    • If you can’t win it on the summary, you can’t win
    • You know when you have a winner – there should be TOO MUCH information to include
    • Outline objectives thoroughly
    • Relate results back to your key objectives


    As the world continues to evolve, so does the world’s view of brands. When the time is right, consider going under for a nip and tuck to help stay relevant and looking fresh.

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