Board Member Chat: Marisa Pooley, APR

    By Liz Gibbons, chapter editor, PRSA Colorado Communications Committee

    Recently elected to the PRSA Colorado Board, Marisa Pooley works for the American Institute of Architects Colorado as the marketing and communications manager. Pooley is excited to bring best practices and lessons learned from her experience in other membership associations to help improve the member experience in PRSA Colorado.

    LG: Why did you decide to join the PRSA Colorado Board? 

    MP: As I was slowly becoming more involved in the chapter, I was getting a lot out of membership, especially earning my APR. I previously served on Fall Summit Planning Committee and enjoyed it. Joining the board seemed like a good way to contribute to the chapter and give back to the profession, as well as learn from others in the chapter.

    LG: What goals do you have as a Board member for the coming year? 

    MP: Acting as the liaison to the APR Committee, I want to encourage others to pursue their APR. Although I studied strategic communications in college, earning my APR was super meaningful; it has made me a better PR professional and has been beneficial to my career. I also want to engage with new members, both young people and people who have not participated much in the chapter.

    LG: What are you looking forward to most in the coming year?

    MP: I am really excited about the new ideas the Programs Committee is working on, such as more interactive workshops. I think having a more hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-learn approach will help our membership find practical applications.

    LG: What are some challenges that you see for the chapter in the coming year?

    MP: I think all associations are facing challenges right now. Technology has allowed more content to be available online and traffic is becoming worse around the Denver area. These challenges affect our programming, so we are working to make sure we are offering relevant opportunities to retain members and attract new, young members.

    LG: What are some opportunities that you see for the chapter in the coming year?

    MP: I am excited about the member profiles being conducted by the Communications Committee, as well as our Facebook page growth. I also like that our chapter newsletter is respectful of our inboxes, giving us timely, quality content every other week. We are already seeing an impact from our programming. Mark Ragan was one of best, most packed luncheons I have been to. Additionally, I loved the Western District Conference in Colorado last year, and even though it is in Phoenix this year, I am very excited to attend. It’s one of the best conferences I have been to.

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