Inspired, educated and challenged at PRSA Western District Conference #PRMatters

    The hashtag for this year’s PRSA Western District Conference was #PRMatters, and for those of us lucky enough to attend, we were inspired, educated and challenged with insightful and thought-provoking presentations about just how much public relations really does matter.

    So many of us are constantly bombarded with advertisements for the latest, greatest training. We consider our budget, time away from the office and/or running our business, and that makes us extremely discerning consumers. After attending the Western District conference for the second year, I have to say, unequivocally, it is the best deal going with a price tag one half to one quarter of other conference and training programs.

    Not only do you get to hear from those at the top of their profession (Ketchum, Golin, Jane Dvorak) but I always find the time away to focus, spurs my creative juices and makes me better at what I do for my clients.

    This year, we learned about “staying relevant” from an all-star panel moderated by Fred Cook, Director of the USC Center for Public Relations. Interest fact: 80% of online videos are viewed on mute!

    ‘Influencers’ were one of the hotter topics and Jim Lin, aka — honored by Disney’s as funniest dad blog and recent inductee to Parent Blog Hall of Fame — talked about the importance of curating your bloggers and making sure they find value in your outreach, resulting in a better blog experience.

    Finally, the provocative Ryan Holiday, who wrote “Trust Me I’m Lying” turned the topic on its head and challenged us to be more ethical and to hold journalists to a higher ethical standard.

    The breakouts ranged from tools & techniques to integration & specialization to thought leadership. One of my favorite take-aways is how I am going to add influencers (earned and paid) to my PESO model planning.

    The PRSA Colorado Chapter is beginning to plan the 2018 Western District conference which is going to be held right here in Denver. We have a high bar to hit with engaging speakers, creative content and fabulous social events but I know with the Colorado Chapter we will not only excel but over-deliver. Don’t you want to come join us? If you are interested in joining the committee or just have ideas for what topics you would like to hear, let me know at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.

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