Andrew Hudson’s Top Career Takeaways from Career + Cider

    Andrew Hudson and Dani Row, co-chair Young Pros

    Andrew Hudson’s Top Career Takeaways from Career + Cider
    By Teresa McGowan, ENews manager, and Bailey Gannett, PRSA Colorado Communications committee member


    Focus on what you want to do and the talents you can provide.

    That was the overarching message from Andrew Hudson, Denver’s job guru and founder of the region’s premier job-search website, during his talk to PRSA Colorado members at last week’s Career + Cider event. The event, held at Stem Cider’s Taproom in the River North District, was the second time the chapter’s Young Professionals committee (soon-to-be-named “New Professionals” committee) combined networking, practical resume pointers and career expertise in one event.

    Beyond hearing from Hudson and getting first-hand advice on how to successfully search for jobs, attendees also received resume critiques from some of the chapter’s leading pros and professional headshots by Josh Peter.

    “The event was a great opportunity for members of all ages and stages of their careers to hear from experts about what it takes to search for jobs today and how to make your career look good on paper,” said Dani Row, co-chair of the committee.

    “’Career” rather than “jobs’ was the focus of the event,” added Kali Platt, who chairs the committee with Row. “That’s why we are rebranding the committee to ‘New Professionals’ in 2019. We want to be more inclusive to all members as they focus on their PR careers.”

    Andrew Hudson’s Top Career Search Takeaways:

    • Don’t think of job searching as a one-time activity. Career management should be focused upon throughout your career.
    • Think of your resume as a branding document, “a living, breathing document that describes who you are and what you want to do.”
    • Be positive and take credit for projects that go well, mine for results and be confident in how you present your outcomes. “Confidence goes further than arrogance.”
    • Get out of your comfort zone. Network as much as possible and use your network in your job search. “More jobs are the result of networking than anything else.”
    • Sell yourself to people you know and can assist in your search. “Make the ask.”



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