Key Takeaways from PRSA Colorado’s Influencer Mix and Mingle: Go Beyond the Pitch

    By Regina Martel and Lauren Merideth, members, PRSA Colorado Communications Committee

    It’s no secret that influencer marketing has become a booming trend in PR and digital outreach. Influencers are experts in their fields and because they are authentic and relatable, their opinions when amplified have power. At PRSA Colorado’s 2nd Annual Influencer Mix & Mingle, nearly a dozen Denver-area influencers — who blog or broadcast about everything from parenting to food to adventure to female empowerment — were invited to talk about their impact, followers and approaches to successfully engage influencers. Below are key takeaways from the event:

    • Plan content two months in advance. Popular inluencers with blogs plan their content months in advance. And, like traditional media outlets, they have editorial calendars. Make sure you check their calendars and secure a spot that fits your strategic timeline.
    • Adjust your timing. Many influencers maintain a nine-to-five job while managing their blog and/or social media accounts. Schedule influencer events during the evening or on weekends to secure their attendance.
    • Give influencers the scoop. Sophisticated bloggers who have a dedicated following can wield tremendous power for your brand. Think about giving them an exclusive to optimize their reach.
    • Podcasts are not the “wild west.” Many people think of podcasts as the unknown frontier. Elaine Grant who hosts the popular podcast “One More Shot” points out that podcasts are a growing way to engage targeted audiences. Podcasts help build strong relationships with listeners and allow you to control the message by delivering it directly.
    • Lead with a driving question. Why should a blogger or influencer write about what you’re pitching? Being able to answer the “why” for a story will help get your story picked up. 
    • Provide content for audiences who aren’t typically served. Blogs can reach more niche audiences than traditional media, which means it is critical that PR practitioners not only understand a blogger’s focus but appreciate his or her audience.
    • Go beyond the pitch. “Following doesn’t necessarily mean engagement,” said Parent Magazine’s Mary Francis, whose online magazine features a dozen writers and growing. Her advice: Pitching is one thing, but PR practitioners who want to gain attention from her writers must “follow, follow-up and truly engage” with the writers.



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