Member Chat with Chris Chavez: More than 25 Years of PRSA Connections

    By Kayla Roofe, chair, PRSA Colorado Communications Committee and 2018 Joe Fuentes Rookie of the Year

    PRSA is often lauded for its professional development and networking opportunities. For member Chris Chavez, while those aspects of a PRSA membership are undoubtedly a benefit, building lasting connections with fellow PR pros outweighs any hot topic luncheon.

    Chris Chavez has been a PRSA Colorado member for 27 years and continues to benefit from the relationships he has built over the years. Chris is a community investment expert, serving as director of Global Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Relations for Ball Corporation, and executive director of The Ball Foundation. He began his career as a journalist and has since served in several public relations positions where he counseled to nonprofits and Fortune 500 corporations.

    Chris is one of several chapter leaders who are helping us commemorate our 60th Anniversary. Learn more about how you can contribute to our Diamond Anniversary Digital Time Capsule and our $60 for 60 Fund by following the links.

    PRSA Colorado: Tell us what you love about PRSA.

    Chris Chavez: PRSA provided me with an important support system when I first started my PR career. There were so many mentors in the organization who made time to help and guide me. Many of my early job leads came through my PRSA and alumni networks.

    PRSA Colorado: What makes the organization still worth your investment?

    CC: While PRSA is a great investment for early career professionals, it also provides a rich platform for continued mentorship, networking and collaboration.

    PRSA Colorado: Talk about your favorite educational programming, social hours and other events presented by PRSA.

    CC: I’ve always enjoyed the social aspects of PRSA. So much can be accomplished through networking and building relationships. In fact, some of my most enduring friendships are because of PRSA.

    PRSA Colorado: Have you attended any national PRSA conferences? Tell us about them.

    CC: I attended many conferences early in my career. They were my first real foray into the realm of professional development and networking, providing invaluable opportunities to connect with diverse professionals from around the country. In addition, conferences help you learn new approaches to our profession and view challenges in a different way.

    PRSA Colorado: Please share a story about a friendship or professional connection you’ve made as a result of your membership in PRSA Colorado.

    I started a networking group early in my career that mostly included PR practitioners and members of PRSA. More than 25 years later, I’m still connected with many of these friends, including my wife!

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