RiNo Communications: The art of storytelling — A Kaleidoscope of Perceptions

    Tearing Down, Rebuilding & Raising Brand Awareness
    By Brooke Gabbert

    Join us at PRSA Colorado’s monthly luncheon on June 20 for an inside look at the challenging dynamics behind one of the hottest, growing areas of Denver. The River North Art District (RiNo) neighborhood is currently undergoing significant transformation from industrial corridor to a thriving artistic, eclectic, mixed-use destination.  Delve into the multi-pronged and complicated storytelling involved as Jamie Licko, president of the RiNo Arts District, and Sam Bailey, vice president of Economic Development at Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, discuss the development, gentrification and growth behind RiNo.

    With RiNo, comes exciting growth, development and economic stimulus — yet such dynamism is juxtaposed against a backdrop of undeniable sensitivities, including the gentrification of neighborhoods, the displacement of long-term residents and the alteration of the historical significance of the area. This multi-faceted story affects several different audiences, including elected officials, business owners, the residents who live there as well as the community at large. For PR practitioners, how to tell the story and communicate it effectively to each audience is both a challenge and an opportunity.

    The luncheon panel includes:

    Moderated by:

    Brea Olson, Vice President
    SideCar PR

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