PRSA Leadership Assembly 2016 Recap

    What an exciting few days it was in Indy! On Saturday, Oct. 22, the five PRSA Colorado chapter delegates and others including PRSA National Chair-Elect Jane Dvorak, APR, Fellow PRSA, attended the annual PRSA Leadership Assembly in Indianapolis. At Leadership Assembly, Colorado chapter delegates join with delegates from across the country to identify, discuss and address issues of concern to the public relations profession, and to serve as a liaison between the PRSA Board and its Chapters, Districts, Sections and membership.

    This year, for the first time, PRSA combined the final part of Leadership Rally (an annual meeting that prepares Chapter president-elects for their upcoming year as president) and Leadership Assembly or the first half of the Assembly meeting. This was to better inform all Chapter leaders about the state of the society and other key topics.

    Below is a quick recap of the Leadership Assembly highlights:

    •          Jane Dvorak, PRSA National chair-elect, APR, PRSA Fellow, presented the 2017-2019 “Framework for the Future” Strategic Plan. Check out these two videos (here and here) created by students from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Florida to get us all ready for the future of PRSA. The plan brings vision, intention, and qualitative and quantitative measures to track the society’s progress in helping prepare members to meet tomorrow’s challenges as PR leaders at every level.
    •          PRSA National introduced a number of new tools for Chapters and members:
    •          PRSA Savings Center –Members can access a number of discounts offered especially for PRSA. Save on office supplies, hotels, FedEx, insurance and more!
    •          PRSA Membership app – Go to your App Store and download the new PRSA Membership app for easy online access to the latest PRSA news, information and industry trends.
    •          New website coming soon!
    •          Eight new PRSSA Chapters have been added, including one at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
    •          Three bylaw amendments were proposed by the PRSA National board with a goal of making the society more nimble, responsive and set to best serve its members.
    •          Bylaw Amendment 1601 (PASSED) – Enable Remote Voting at the Leadership Assembly and Remote Meetings.
    •          This amendment makes it possible for remote voting to take place during Leadership Assembly and any other delegate meetings. This would be only in the case of a natural disaster or act of God for Leadership Assembly. But, this opens the doors to vote on pressing issues before the next Leadership Assembly without asking all delegates to assemble in one place.
    •          Bylaw Amendment 1602 (PASSED)– Allow the Board of Directors to Nominate Officers.
    •          Starting in 2017, the Board of Directors will interview candidates and recommend the slate of candidates for the offices of chair-elect, treasurer, and secretary to Leadership Assembly for their consideration and approval. The Nominating Committee will continue to recruit and present candidates for the District director and at-large director positions.
    •          Bylaw Amendment 1603 (FAILED) – Allow the Board of Directors to Amend Bylaws. (This amendment did receive more yes votes, but not the 2/3rds majority required to pass.)
    •          This amendment was proposed to give the Board of Directors the power to revise bylaws with a two-thirds vote, enabling staff and delegates to focus on issues facing the industry and the overall strategic direction of PRSA and the Board to focus on governance and “housekeeping” issues.

    If you want to know more about what went on at the Leadership Assembly, look for Tweets with the #COPRSAICON or #PRSAICON or #PRSADelegates hashtag, or feel free to reach out to any one of us!

    Colorado Chapter 2016 Assembly Delegates

    Elizabeth Jumel, APR, board of directors, delegate

    Diane Mulligan, APR, board of directors, delegate

    Renee Robinson, APR, Chapter president-elect

    Stacey Sepp, APR, board of directors, delegate

    Nicole Yost, Chapter president

    Blog written by: Elizabeth Jumel, APR, board of directors, delegate

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