2018 Reciprocal Judging

    Each year we make reciprocal judging arrangements as part of our Gold PIck Awards program. This year we have partnered with the Oklahoma City Chapter for reciprocal judging for their Upper Case Awards. We will soon have more than 100 entries that require experienced public relations professionals to review and judge. Our deadline to complete the judging is Friday, August 24.

    Will you please support the chapter by volunteering a few hours of your time to judge some of these entries? Judging is as easy as 1-2-3. Sign-up. Links to access electronic entries to be judged and judging forms will be sent. Review submissions, complete and submit online judging forms.

    You know the expression: "Many hands make light work." That's what we're counting on.

    Completing this judging in a timely manner is part of our committment to the Oklahoma City Chapter and a thank you for their support of the 2018 Gold Pick Awards. For more information, contact Dustin Moody at jdustinmoody@gmail.com or James Cullen at james.cullen@ogilvy.com.

    Judging period is from Aug. 6 - Aug. 24. Thanks for your participation!